lørdag 7. november 2009

Welcome to eScapes !

Welcome to eScapes !

'eScapes' are electronic landscape images, away from what is normally perceived as 'photographic real'.
I want the pictures to radiate, to be lightsources on their own.

These images are artistic expressions, rather than 'classical photography'. None of these images have been into Photoshop, neither has any pre-made filters/effects been used.
Other than the tweaking of parameters and values of RAW image-data inside a digital darkroom (Adobe Lightroom), mostly traditional photographic controls of adjusting brightness, contrast, color balance and range.

Fotograf: Geir Gjerde

3 kommentarer:

  1. Your text doesn't make sense.

    All I see in your photographs are classical. There is nothing new about the style you're trying to approach.

    And there is plenty of room for artistic expressions in classical photography anyways...

    What isn't photograpically real about your photographs? And what does it matter TO US if you have used Photoshop or Lightroom? You could have got the same results from Photoshop as seen here.

  2. Hi Bjarte.
    If you see them as classical, fine.
    I did put classical inside quotation marks...
    The word classical has several meanings. My intention was to emphasize that they are manipulated and NOT classical photographs, meaning photos that are pure traditional photographic craft.
    Please google this if you have problems understanding the difference.

    When it comes to whether the style is new or not, did I claim anywhere that they are ?

    When it comes to the issue of artistic expression, I have no problem of accepting the fact that there is room for artistic expression in classical traditional photography.
    But, here it means that they belong to an art project, with theory and thought behind the project. NOT photography which normally stands on it's own.

    And lastly, photographic real as I see it, are images that look like me and you perceive the world around us. If you see images like this, with twisted light and colors, in the Stavanger-area, please tell me !
    Whether or not it matters to you what software I used, it could be that others are interested in knowing. Also, for me it was important to state that this is my hours of manual tweaking to obtain my vision, my look.

    NOT just applying a cool filter and VOILA !

  3. Thanks for clearing things up.

    Well, to me photography doesn't normally stand on it's own, but that is simply because I'm always more drawn to art and documentary photography where photographs normally always is presented as essays/series in publications and exhibitions.

    Single photographs can be fine, but there is less thoughts needed from the photographer to create it. When photographs work together there is more room for something magical to occur.

    And regarding the manipulation part... This isn't manipulation to me. There is a big difference between manipulating and adjusting. But I know more people who disagree with me on that.

    For instance where does the border between adjusting and manipulating appear? My opinion on that is when you start to change/move the pixels radically, and that is something different than adjusting the colors and the luminance.