torsdag 15. april 2010

A few hours with Ragnhild "Malin Hellesø"

A few hours with Ragnhild

I met Ragnhild Langlet today. We drank coffee and talked about everything between heaven and earth. Abouth death also. Ragnhild is 88 years and a strong woman who I liked right away

We were like-minded, in many parts we had similar views, me and Ragnhild.

Ragnhild has a typewriter. But she prefers the pen, she said

She wanted to be photographed with the painting of her and her daughter. I said, you are just as beautiful now as then.

She laughed a lot, Ragnhild. And perhaps it is so that a good laugh actually prolongs life.)

Maybe I should look a bit serious too, so we can talk about death, she said. I asked if she was afraid of death. She was not. But she did not want to suffer.)

Ragnhild was given a bottle of brandy by Kia. She takes a drink sometimes, but not so often. I'm no teetotaler, she said. She also talked about love. It is not all commonplace to find the right love, she said.) 
Malin Hellesø

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  1. Härliga bilder Malin!!! Mycket bra!


  2. Hei Malin.
    Fine og fortellende bilder. Likte spesiet godt det av henne foran maleriet av seg selv som ung og datteren.
    Bra jobba !

    Liv ")