lørdag 20. april 2013

In Memory of Goran Popovic Coga

Ever since the creation of the Darkrooms In Northert Light, Goran has shown us images that have delighted us all. It was always with excitement and joy we looked forward to the new photos from his universe. He was kind, generous a very likeable man. A source of inspiration. It was always a very special atmosphere in Gorans pictures. You could study them for hours, and constantly discovering new stories.
I know that the pictures meant a lot to him. He was productive, creative and had many plans for the future.
It was with shock and sadness that we received the message that Goran, was no longer among us. Under tragic circumstances, he died 4 October, 2012, of pneumonia. He was only 47 years old.
Our thoughts are with his closest. Especially Milos, his son.

Thank you, Goran. You will not be forgotten..
From us in Darkrooms In Nothern Light.

We are now publishing a series of photos of Goran. Click on the link below the picture ..

Goran Popovic Coga - In Memory Of
Goran Popovic Coga - In Memory Of

A few words..

I remember viewing Goran’s photography for the very first time and how in awe I was with how he was able to communicate creatively through the recording of light and time. I fell in love with his ability to observe, whilst interrogating the world we inhabit and the nature of the human condition.

I often recall many profound conversations I shared with Goran about his influences, and his personal philosophy that resonate strongly throughout his work. It asks us to listen to the silence, and acts as a maker and maintainer of memories - a vital, visual reminder and memorial to people and times, past and present. And Goran asks us to break that silence to find our own truth; our own reality.

Goran was kind, humorous and unsurprisingly complex. I miss him - we all miss him. Most importantly, he was a devoted, loving and proud father. He leaves us with a unique body of work to discover, and a lasting visual legacy for his son. I would like to dedicate this article to Milos.