lørdag 14. november 2009

Adrian Ulander

After experimenting a lot on his own, attending Kulturama's photo school, a year of working at Stockholm's biggest rental studio and then assisting various fashion photographers, Adrian worked professionally for a few years and then got fed up.

Today he no longer does commissioned photography and only shoots for his own pleasure, for exhibitions and sometimes by request for friends and non-profit organizations. His tools range from simple digital cameras to medium format film cameras and he works in daylight as well as with set studio light. Next year he is planning the opening of a new photo gallery in Stockholm which will also supply film, scanning, developing and other services needed by professionals.

Next exhibition: Feb 27 - Mar 10 at Galleri Darling, Stockholm.

Visit Adrian Ulander's fan page on Facebook for more info!

Fotograf: Adrian Ulander http://adrianulander.blogspot.com/

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