onsdag 18. november 2009


How to show mortality trough photo manipulation?
This was the quest I tried to answer in my bachelor project last spring. It was my final project in becoming a teacher in art, crafts and design. Together with trying to answer this quest, it was important for me to communicate the importance of having good photographic material to work with.

Too many use photography as a base for their art, without photographic knowledge. They paint pictures of humans based on photos they have shot without thoughts of all the changes that can happen with a photo if they have no control with the photographic process. The results often become paintings witch suppose to show human reality, but have wrong colours and tones because of the lack of control during the photographic recordings. Instead of showing humans as they look in real, they show humans as they are interpreted by their cameras without their knowledge.

Fotograf: Håkon Røisland http://haakon-roisland.blogspot.com/

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