søndag 15. november 2009


Have you met the wall?

Well, despise that this expression means that you are in some kind of trouble; it can also mean that you have seen a physical wall that has fascinated you. I have met many walls. Some walls are dark and frightening, some are light and cheerful.

They are like us, because it is we who has made them. Some are created with love and passion, often collaborations between dear friends. Some are created in a hurry, with materials witch has been found around the place. Some are old and lonely, with signs of time and poorly maintains.

By making photos of these walls, I give them attention. An attention witch I spread out to my friends, and by doing that I feel I extend their life. Walls witch has stayed hidden and forgotten can trough my camera show their beauty. Beauty in the cheerful, bright colours. Beauty in the old, dark and tired.

Photographer: Håkon Røisland (http://haakon-roisland.blogspot.com/)

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