tirsdag 1. desember 2009

Silhouettes and Light

Eli Reinholdtsen has a strong fascination for silhouettes.

The first image,  Spray Painting , shows a man preparing a playground for ice skating. The rising sun lights up the yellow building across the square. The building is then reflected in the water.

The second image,  Jump!  shows a photographer capturing two people jumping on the roof of the opera house in Oslo. The sun is about to set, and two strong shadows are projected on the wall. Since the sunshine is coming in from the side, the shadows alter from the silhouettes, giving the first impression that there are four jumpers.

Eli received a Highly Commended Award for  Jump!  in the Norwegian Photographic Society (NSFF) in the spring competition this year.

Some of you may be familiar with the best-selling author David duChemin. In the aftermath of his book Within the Frame he released a series of 20 podcasts on photography composition. Jump! is discussed in episode 14 of this series, which can be found HERE.

You can see more of Elis images on her home page, Reinholdtsen Photography, which can be found HERE.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Veldig fine bilder, liker begge veldig godt, så enkle og spennende, knallbra fargebruk.

  2. veldig bra compo..lys, reflekser..toner..;))