fredag 15. januar 2010

Hurrungane, Jotunheimen

Hurrungane, Jotunheimen. 09.09.
Copyright: Ole Buenget / Galleri Balder -

Jötunheimr (often anglicized Jotunheim) is one of the Nine Worlds and the world home of the Giants (two types: ) Rock Giants and Frost Giants in Norse Mythology. From there they menace the humans in Midgard and the gods in Asgard.
Gastropnir, home of Menglad, and Þrymheimr, home of Þjazi, were both located in Jotunheim, which was ruled by King Thrym. Glæsisvellir was a location in Jotunheim, where lived the giant Gudmund, father of Höfund.

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