mandag 18. januar 2010

In the wind” Making of Video

Benjamin Kanarek:


In the windMaking of Video

I have been asked more times than I can count, if I can share my lighting with photographers wishing to understand what I did for a specific image I have done. So I decided to have one of my shoots which features designersPaul & JoeParis for their Spring/Summer collection captured on video.

Frédérique Renaut used a Fuji F100 digital 6 mega pixel consumer digital camera to capture the scenes and quite frankly, I am quite impressed with the results.

None the less, it will give you an insider view in to one of my shoots where I used a mixed bag of HMI cinema lights, Tungsten and Flash as well as scrims, flags and other stuff to achieve my goal.

Julie Potapova from Silent Models in Paris was a pleasure to work with as was Marielle Loubet the Make-Up artist and Stylist Parissima Saleh. In fact although a very, very long day, it was a real pleasure working with the whole team.

I was also very pleased with the clothing on offer fromPaul & JoeParis. They worked perfectly for the theme, except for one change that didn’t work out. Was not as fluid as I would have liked and the color I chose for the capture didn’t work with the rest, so we decided to use another clothing change that would be more in line with the rest of the theme.

Anyways, hope you enjoy this almost as much as I did.


Photography: Benjamin Kanarek,
Model: Julie Potapova, Silent Models Paris
Stylist: Parissima Saleh
Make-Up: Marielle Loubet , Calliste Agency Paris
Hair: Armand Fauquet, Artlist Agency Paris
Fashion: Paul & Joe Paris
Editor in Chief: Charles Consigny
Digital Retouch: Freddy Baby, Paris
Video: Frédérique Renaut
Studio: La Platform, Paris
Cinema Lighting: RVZ, Paris
Music: Phoenix©
one of my favorite Pop/Rock groups presently.

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