lørdag 29. mai 2010

I had visited the Springtime Lounge of Pan

 " One day a passed a little group of trees, I had done that many many times, but this day I had an impuls to go into it. That I had never done before. In there the branches vere glowing green and when I tumbled around with my camera I got a lot of energy. When I came home i saw on the pictures that more had happened than i saw - I had visited the Springtime Lounge of Pan."."


Maria Åkerblom



3 kommentarer:

  1. En fantasifull serie med sköna, gröna färger! Härligt! :)

  2. Dette var en spennende bildeserie. Har sett på den flere ganger nå :)

  3. Tack för era fina kommentarer - mycket stärkande och glädjande.