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GONE by Anne Helene Gjelstad

GONE by Anne Helene Gjelstad

Anne Helene Gjelstad is invited to exhibit a selection of pictures from her project GONE at ZOOM NORWAY in Ljubjana, Slovenia. Zoom Norway is a part of the documentary film festival DOKUBAZAAR ( and is shown at Celica, Metelkova 8, 1000 Ljubljana October 1st - 2010.

About the series Gone Anne Helene Gjelstad says:
I love photographing people the most. People really intrigue me; who we are, how we dress, how we live and even more - our destiny. Eyes fascinate me, how the glimpse of truth and accumulated experience of life can shine through.

This is my meeting with some of the inhabitants in a nursing home in Mexico. For some days I was allowed to go around and take all the images I wanted. I have called my series GONE, because this is how I experienced these poor people: Gone from life and into a world we do not reach – gone into a world we don’t want to go, a world we wish to avoid.

It was a strong meeting with that world and some destinies far from home, the world normally unseen. Some destinies far away became close, they have touched me deeply, and they follow me further.

Anne Helene Gjelstad lives and works in Oslo area. Her passion is photographing people - portraits, fashion and documentary. She also does interior, products and lifestyle as well as fine art photography, landscapes and personal projects.

For her portraits, she has earned recognition in the annual competitions by the Norwegian Association of Photographers; Norges Fotografforbunds landskonkurranse. Anne Helene Gjelstad’s work has been shown in several exhibitions as well as in books and magazines.

Photographer Anne Helene Gjelstad
Tel (+47) 90 82 54 57

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