onsdag 21. september 2011

Dream in a mirror - The Revelations

By Stefano Bernardoni

They say a dream lasts just a little more than a moment but in that moment a person may suffer, rejoice, live or relive their experiences. This project represents a voyage through the dream, a dream which begins inside a mirror and concludes in another mirror.
It describes an exploration of our own spirituality and our own being through four sequences: the Passage, the Voyage, the Revelations and the Return.

A dream is a symbolic phenomenon thus every image in this project is like a clue that leads to the realization of this inner journey.

It is a dream made of images, where we can create our own voyage, which is perhaps the longest journey we might ever take.

(September 5, 2011) 

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  1. mange spennende bilder-I love some of your photoes! mvh anne