torsdag 7. oktober 2010

SHAPES by Jonathan Laurence

SHAPES is a collection of images taken between July 2009 and July
2010. The photographer used an iphone and daily posted images on
different social networks, contributing to the ever evolving global
visual community. The images, who shows fragments of a life, a memory,
a documentation, then gets a life of it's own as it gets posted
around, commented on, shared, used in the parallel world called the internet.

The project was exhibited at Asymmetric Arts in Rockland, Maine, this

summer and the book SHAPES was published to accompany the exhibit. The
book can be purchased on BLURB:

About the Photographer:

Jonathan Laurence is an internationally sought after photographer,
multimedia artist/producer, educator and consultant. In 2009 Jonathan
received the Rising Star Award from the Palm Beach Photographic
Center, and in 2010 he was listed as one of the top sixty most
collectable artists in Maine. Jonathan is representet by Asymmetrick
Arts in Maine. In addition of being an artist Jonathan's fascination
and talent with multimedia has made him a very attractive source for
multimedia productions and his client-list includes companies such as
Phase One, SEIU, Center for Community Change, PopTech, Timbuk2, Random
House /Ballantine Books to name a few. He is also a faculty member at
the University of Maine, Maine Media Workshops and teaches multimedia
for several of the leading photo educational centers in the world.


Jonathan is teaching a workshop in Multimedia in Oslo 5-7 November:
If you want to learn how to create powerful multimedia productions
mixing your images with music, sound, voiceover, tiles and text, this
is a workshop for you. Sign up before the 11TH of October at


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