fredag 8. oktober 2010

travel by Tarjei Krogh


Tarjei Krogh


I grew up in the seventies in an artistic millieu surrounding an Oslo jazz club. All through my childhood, I accompanied my mother, a painter and graphic artist, to exhibitions. My father, a data engineer, was responsible for my early interest in technology, physics, geometry, contrasts and compositions. At the age of ten, I inherited a camera, and I and my friends began to explore and play with this new toy. This game, for me, has continued for seventeen years. I realized that I got more satisfaction from static images.  I took over the running of a large second-hand vinyl record shop in Oslo. I borrowed equipment from supportive friends, and every day of those four years I went out and photographed people and everyday situations in Oslo.And each evening I sat up late sorting images and sending and receiving advice from established photographers via the internet.Eventually I received some calls, and then a big assignment for a well-known Norwegian firm. For the last five years I have been working full-time as a photographer with some of the biggest firms in Norway as clients. Decorations, photo-reportage, advertising. I am not the kind of man to go and visit war-hardened zones. I am very into natural light. A picture to me is like a perfect equation. Most evenings, when I empty my memory cards, I am as happy as a child on Christmas Eve.

3 kommentarer:

  1. wierd photos of skinny jumping people - i like!

  2. Flott serie! Me like. Minimalismen, fargene og lysstrålene jeg antar du har malt litt med i etterkant gjorde seg godt!